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Tranquility and Tea Ceremony

Name: Sheila Connelly
Nationality: American

I recently travelled in Hangzhou where I fell in love in the wonderful LongJing tea. Upon returning to Shanghai I searched for a place to learn me how to brew my own cup of Chinese tea. A friend has recommended me the ChinaTown Cultural Center and I signed up for the Tea Ceremony class.

In the States, when you’re invited for a tea party, you should bring cookies or biscuits, so I bought some on the way here.

Feeling a bit awkward at first, I quickly relaxed into the peaceful atmosphere around me.

I’m taught that the most important things necessary for a great cup of tea (besides having great tea leaves of course) is the water quality, temperature and the brewing time.

Then there are the five basic steps: warming the cup, adding hot water, making the tea, brewing it and finally, the tasting.

Take a look at the teacher’s hand gestures – very elegant and pleasant, and the whole atmosphere was very calm and pleasant.

This is smelling the frangrance, watching the tea leaves, and finally tasting it. (-:

I never put so much thought into tea and I find it very refreshing. Kinda fills you with peace and thankfulness.

Now I repeat the steps by myself, making my own cup of tea and as you can see, I’m quite focused.

Since I mentioned to the teacher that I like LongJing tea, she brews another tea pot just for me and we go over (taste and watch) the difference between the teas.

I really loved it here. (I bought a simple tea set, to practice tea ceremony at home). It was a great experience for me, the perfect place to learn the Tea Ceremony. Thanks ChinaTown!